null There is one such wonderful city on the whole Earth – the Golden City!

There is one such wonderful city on the whole Earth – the Golden City!
26 February 2020

On the magic day of February 22nd, 2020, at exactly 2 pm, the RUSSIAN LEFT-HANDED Museum (35 Italianskaya Street) held a presentation of a fantastic, fabulously enchanting art creation. The work of the Studio "KATANA DA"–"City of Gold" – is a long-term work of a group of ordinary wizards – Alexander Moshkin, Alexey Belikov and Alena Mushkina.

The unusual style of the “Katanda” studio’s works is not only elegant, but also complex. Taking old items as a basis, the masters combine them into incredible, exquisite art objects and sculptures, where the individuality and recognition of each item is preserved, and at the same time, something completely new and original is magically created. Fairy-tale castles and winged dragons, flying ships and ancient cities live their own fantastic lives and keep their secrets. In each of the works there are game dynamic moments - with the help of working mechanisms of manual assembly, you can "revive" the created images, which in fact makes them a kinetic sculpture.

One of the most ambitious projects – the triptych "Golden City" – was conceived by the masters at the beginning of their joint work. It is difficult to classify it from the point of view of specific positions: it is a sculpture of small forms, bas-relief, and a labyrinth layout, and objects of decorative and applied art with elements of jewelry, and painting on an old board in iconographic technique, and something that is difficult to define, but full of attractive charm, beauty, historical reminiscences and exciting dynamics. "City of Gold" refers to the era of the High Renaissance, when Leonardo da Vinci's projects were ahead of their time, and he himself was an example of a "universal man", a genius in many areas of art and science. So, the triptych harmoniously combines the luxury of artistic elements and functionality. Towers with openwork grilles, balconies and staircases, houses and hanging gardens, squares and fountains are intertwined in an intricate urban ensemble. Tiny details – signs, bas-reliefs and cornices – can be viewed under a microscope. The lighting in the windows allows the curious viewer to look through the windows and admire the interior, painted in the technique of lacquer miniatures. "Night illumination" transforms the city, adding mystery and festive theatricality.

It took almost three years to create the Golden City triptych. This work consists of more than a thousand details. The basis for them were musical instruments, cutlery, binoculars, kerosene lamps, piano candlesticks, cup holders, door handles, furniture decor, measuring instruments, clock mechanisms, gears, brass figurines, mirrors, parts of a writing instrument, and much more. In addition, the most complex volume composition included sound content.

Mechanics: Enver Mansurov, Alexander Pushkin

Painting: Alexander Sulimov, Alena Mushkina

Size of the art object: 1130 x 1270 mm (44.5 x 50 in.)

Materials used: Brass, wood, optics, clockwork, and antique items

The exclusive interactive work is shown to visitors as part of the Museum’s public exhibition until March 1st.

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